Jerry Jones admits to intentionally fueling quarterback controversy in Dallas –

If you’re a little sick of the quarterback controversy talk out of Dallas this NFL season, you now at least have someone to blame.

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has been a major weapon for the Cowboys this year. He played well enough out of the gate to steal the starting job from Tony Romo while the veteran recovered from a back injury suffered in preseason. With only a few weeks left in the regular season, the Cowboys are 12-2 and in prime position to clinch the top spot in the NFC, all without Romo ever having taken a snap this season.

But if you thought that would be enough to quell the rumors and debate over when Romo could or should take back his starting role, you would be quite wrong. With the playoffs just weeks away, there’s still rumblings about Prescott lacking job security under center.

And that’s just the way Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants it, apparently.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Jones admitted to intentionally fueling the quarterback controversy in Dallas because it creates storylines and drama.

“That’s one of the things that makes sports interesting,” Jones told Jason Gay. “I do feed that.”

It’s a controversial approach from an owner considering the never-ending QB controversy can adversely affect the locker room and team focus/morale. But make no mistake, Jones isn’t stupid. For better or for worse, he’s a master of drumming up buzz surrounding his team, and it’s a big reason why the Cowboys are one of the most valuable and visible teams in North American sports.

He knows what he’s doing and, to his credit, at least he’s honest about it.

“I think there’s some of me that wants to [stir things up],” he said. “That probably is intentional.”

And if that practice comes back to bite the Cowboys in what is looking like a possible title season? Well, at least Dallas has had plenty of practice when it comes to losing in recent years.


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