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Among the many things Justin Bieber has been criticized for over the years is his tendency to show an allegiance to a wide variety of sports teams. Bieber has been spotted at sporting events wearing the jersey of a usually good team, leading many to call him a bandwagoner or frontrunner.

Most recently, the Biebs posted a picture of himself sporting a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. Not coincidentally, the Penguins are currently playing for the Stanley Cup.

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on May 31, 2017 at 8:22am PDT

But it appears that Bieber wanted to set the record straight on his sports fandom Monday night. In a string of tweets, he pledged allegiance to his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs, but also defended the wide variety of teams he has supported in the past.

You know what? I’d like to give some points to Bieber for honesty here. It’s easy to hate on someone for bouncing around from team to team, but not every sports fan is a diehard faithful to a specific team. And let’s be honest, most people would gladly take a free jersey and happily wear it if it were a gift from the host team. It’s hard to fault Bieber for taking advantage of that.

Bieber likes sports and he’s just along for the ride, trying to look cool and have fun. I have no issue with that.

Also, I too don’t know enough about sports to really have valid opinion, but thank you for reading.


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