‘League of Legends’ e-sports competition softens controversial rule banishing bad teams, adds player panel – Los Angeles Times

The world’s most popular e-sport plans to soften a controversial rule banishing bad teams and to add a new panel made up of professional gamers.

The “League of Legends” North American league replaces its two worst performing teams with a pair of upstarts at the end of each year. Under a new plan announced Thursday, the practice of relegating teams while promoting others would be relaxed.

Starting next year, “League of Legends” developer and league operator Riot Games would lock teams in as a permanent members — although teams that struggle could still lose their spot.

The structural changes also include the Los Angeles company funding and organizing a players’ association. It’s meant to help competitors in the five-versus-five base-destruction game assert more power in negotiations with team owners. The association would serve as a single voice for Riot Games to consult.


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