Leitner remains constant in San Diego sports – The San Diego Union-Tribune

There are voices you hear in your head, that you can replay and assign to various phrases, voices whose words you can sometimes predict.

You heard one of those voices in the car almost every morning on the way to elementary school, along with your father’s laugh at what that voice said. You fell asleep listening to that voice dozens upon dozens of nights year after year. As an adult, that voice has accompanied you on countless drives home, comfortable and entertaining at the of end days that are usually too long.

And so it is that you know what is coming on a recent Sunday afternoon.

You are sitting in the home team’s radio booth at the Peoria Sports Complex as Jesse Agler reads the lineups for a game against the Cincinnati Reds late last month. As Agler is wrapping up the Padres order and Jarred Cosart is finishing his warm-up pitches, it is clear that a quick toss to the voice will have to occur.


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