LOOK: Warriors championship ring leads all other major sports when it comes to bling – CBSSports.com

The Warriors won the title and now that a new season has begun, they are officially defending NBA champions. This also means they receive their championship rings, and yes, they are as flashy as anybody would expect. According to the manufacturers, these 11-carat rings hold more diamonds than any other ring awarded in any other major sport across North America.

However, what’s interesting about them is they aren’t as big as what’s become expected of championship rings. Usually rings are giant chunks of rock that nobody would actually wear in a day to day setting. These are still rather large and meant to be trophies more than anything else, but they’re not absurd in size.

For many Warriors players this is their second ring, but for players like Kevin Durant this will be their first ever and the one they’ll always remember. Everybody remembers their first, and that’s what makes this ceremony special for Durant and the other first timers like JaVale McGee. They’ll savor it for the rest of their life.


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