Major League Baseball dashes sports-agent dreams of Chicago businessman charged with fraud – Chicago Tribune

When Chicago entrepreneur Brian Brundage was indicted on federal fraud charges in December for allegedly operating a multimillion-dollar electronics recycling scheme, he turned his attention to salvaging his side gig: professional sports agent.

With a client roster that included Chicago Bears linebacker John Timu and other players, Brundage’s nascent Worldwide Career Management seemed poised to offer him a glamorous alternative to the once-booming recycling business, Intercon Solutions, that was derailed amid accusations from a watchdog group that it misrepresented disposal methods.

The federal indictment ended Brundage’s recycling business, with a federal judge barring him from the industry as a condition of his release from custody. The Major League Baseball Players Association may have ended his sports agency as well, recently suspending his certification to represent professional baseball players, at least until his fraud trial, which is set for March 13.

“I’ve been told that I have to relinquish the players that we have,” Brundage said last week. “I’m basically getting kicked out of Major League Baseball.”


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