Missouri probes tutor allegations of academic fraud in ‘revenue-generating sports’ – CBSSports.com

Allegations of academic fraud in the Missouri athletic department are being investigated after the resignation of a former tutor.

“The University of Missouri has received allegations of potential academic rules violations by a former tutor in the Athletics Academic Services area,” the school announced Tuesday night. “Consistent with our commitment to rules compliance and to operating our athletics program with integrity, we are conducting a review of the allegations. We also have informed the NCAA who is working with us on this matter. To protect the integrity of the review process, we will not comment further at this time.”

The NCAA closed an investigation into the men’s basketball program earlier this year. The school’s self-imposed penalties were accepted, with a year of probation added, after the NCAA found Missouri boosters provided men’s basketball players and their families with $11,402 in impermissible benefits from 2011-14.

The allegations come from former tutor Yolanda Kumar, who took to her private Facebook account to allege that she took part in academic fraud in “revenue generating sports.”

“I have taken and assisted with entrance assessment, completed entire courses, and I been present to provide assistance with online assessments,” Kumar wrote, via the Kansas City Star. “It was encouraged, promoted, and supported by at least two Academic Coordinators for athletes in revenue generating sports, however, the wide spread desperation to succeed by other student-athletes at the bottom of an inverted pyramid of the organization’s construct cross (sic) multiple sports. I self-reported on November 2 and naively wanted to close the door on the manner after seeking counsel. I immediately resigned from my position on November 7 prior to meeting with a member for compliance, general counsel, and an individual that reports to the chancellor.”

According to the Star, it is unclear if the allegations involve current basketball or football (revenue-generating sports) players. The men’s basketball team forfeited scholarships and was banned from the 2016 postseason as a result of the previous NCAA investigation.


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