NBC Sports writer excoriated on Twitter after saying American flag is political – TheBlaze.com

Craig Calcaterra, lead baseball writer for NBC Sports, claimed that the image of the American flag is political — and was promptly ridiculed for the ridiculous assertion.

Calcaterra tweeted out a picture Sunday morning of Suntrust Park in Atlanta with Old Glory covering the outfield grass and the Jumbotrons up above.

“Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free,” the tweet read.

It wasn’t long before other users took Calcaterra to the woodshed for the ridiculous assertion.

“I think there was a time when love for country wasn’t considered political. And a lot of people would like to return to that time,” one person responded.

“This is ridiculous. One can love the country and completely disagree w It’s leaders at any given point in time,” another commented.

“Patriotism is political? People die for our rights in this country, so yeah we’re gonna layout the flag. We’re also gonna have a military flyover and if you get offended by that that’s your problem,” yet another said.

Calcaterra defended his tweet by claiming the flag is political because the patriotism of “those who question our leaders and do not support all military ventures” sometimes is questioned.

Calcaterra also defended his position by stating that “people often wrap themselves in the flag in order to achieve political ends.”


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