NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars, Jets rolling; Giants, Raiders reeling in odd 2017 –

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in first place in the AFC South, and have the biggest scoring margin in the league behind one of the NFL’s fiercest defenses.

The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills are tied with the New England Patriots atop the AFC East. Yes, the same Jets team I picked to go 0-16 has ripped off three consecutive victories.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith is the leader in the MVP race.

The New York Giants season is over. The Oakland Raiders are reeling.

Odell Beckham Jr. and J.J. Watt are done for the year with major injuries.

Quarterback play for a lot of teams has been putrid, and formerly elite passer Ben Roethlisberger has even questioned his own abilities after a five-interception game against the Jaguars Sunday.

What the hell is going on in the NFL?

Some will say this madness is what makes the league great. But don’t we want the elite teams to be the villains? The Chiefs are the only undefeated team — and top my Power Rankings again this week — but does anybody see them as the big, bad villain? They just don’t play that role.

Is it better to have this unpredictably rather than seeing the power teams off and running?

I tend to like how we go into Sunday every week and by 3:30 in the afternoon we’re shaking our heads wondering what the heck we are seeing.

Having said that, don’t you get the idea as we move through October that things will start to crystallize more? Won’t the Patriots, who have a big game at the Jets this week — yes, big — take over the AFC East like they usually do?

Seattle won at Los Angeles against the Rams Sunday to serve notice that their usual spot atop the NFC West is theirs for now – and probably will be the same come December.

We’ve enjoyed the early-season uncertainty, but I get the idea that will change by the end of October. The really good teams will emerge.

Until then, get amped up about Rams at Jaguars and Patriots at Jets this week. Who knew they would be such important games? 


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