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APEX, N.C. (WNCN) – Apex two-sport star Ian Boyd just can’t decide on which sport he will play in college. Basketball or football, the decision is so difficult that Boyd has come up with an interesting way of choosing.

“I’m picking the college – if I like the college that’s the sport I’m going to play,” said Boyd.

On the Rise: Ian Boyd of Apex stars in two sports. (WNCN)
PHOTOS: Ian Boyd of Apex is a two-sport star

Usually the athlete picks the sport that he feels he’s best at. Then the college fit seems to follow.

Boyd’s and exception to that rule.  He really is torn between the two sports that have filled his days since he was a kid.

“I’m usually used to it because I’ve been doing this since a young age so I’m used to this,” he explained.

Boyd’s football coach, Robert Graham, knows which sport his star should play in college. But Graham admits he is a bit biased.

“Football to me is what I think he should pursue but personally he loves both,” Graham said.

Boyd is the 41st ranked shooting guard in the nation and is getting looks from a host of smaller schools.

Meanwhile Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and East Carolina want him to play football.

“I think once those college guys get him and show him what he can do on the football field, the sky’s the limit for him because he’s tremendously athletic,” said Graham.

Regardless of which sport he does eventually choose, Boyd has had a fantastic career at Apex  – a career that’s quickly winding down.

“It really did fly by,” said Boyd. “Last week it seemed like the beginning of sophomore year and now I’m a senior so it does fly by.”

And Boyd will most likely find it will be the same in college no matter which sport he decides to play.


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