Rice senior’s emotional postgame speech is everything good about sports – SB Nation

Honestly, sports can be awful sometimes. One of the biggest stories in college football yesterday was whether or not a bunch of rich old people would be able to get enough money together to fire a man who clearly had the support of every single one of the young men who play for him at the LSU.

At other times, sports can be wonderful. This is wonderful.

“I love this university and I love that man back there and I’ll do anything for him.”

A state championship winning quarterback in high school, Luke Turner broke his leg his senior year and received only one Division I offer. Turner was a contributor from day one at Rice, earning All C-USA Freshmen honors in 2012 as a running back. Over his four years at Rice, Turner amassed more than 500 rushing yards and 200 receiving yards, and sprinkled in a couple passing touchdowns for good measure.

So while big-time college football fires coaches and argues over who the best four teams in the country are, Luke Turner is thankful every day for the coach who believed in him. That’s way cooler than a national championship.

Anyway, I’ll be over here bawling my eyes out.


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