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OLYMPIA, Wash – The Washington State Gambling Commission is considering whether to allow fantasy sports betting.

Thursday the commission presented the board with an extensive presentation about the growing popularity of fantasy sports.

Companies like Draft kings and Fan Duel are spending millions on commercials to get people to play fantasy sports online.

44 states currently allow fantasy sports betting. But, it’s still illegal here.

“Fantasy sports in Washington State are considered illegal and they are not authorized,” said Special Agent Dan Frey with the Washington State Gambling Commission.

Washington is now one six states where fantasy sport companies figure it’s too risky to allow local residents to access their site because of state laws.

New York State recently ordered DraftKings and Fan Duel to stop accepting bets and the state of Nevada banned unlicensed daily fantasy play.

But, the Washington State Gambling Commission said at a public meeting Thursday they know people here are playing at all levels.

“There are probably a lot of people out there that are playing the seasonal long fantasy sports for social purposes,” said Special Agent Tyson Wilson with the Washington State Gambling Commission.

One of those people is Kyle Connell.

“Right now I’m just leagues for $50 just with like my friends and that mostly because it’s not legal and so you can’t really play high stakes and know that your money would be safe,” he said.

Connell is professional gambler. He wants to see the state regulate fantasy sports so players will have protection.

“If Washington wanted to, they could regulate it and then you would know your money is safe when you deposit and withdrawals and the games you play in are fair for everybody,” said Connell.

State Senator Pam Roach has introduced a bill to the legislature that would allow season long bets between friends up to $50 but, not on sites like DraftKings and Fan Duel.

“I think the whole issue he will be before the legislature for several years to come,” said Senator Roach.


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