‘Stick to sports’ or stick to reality? Jemele Hill controversy highlights media issues – Chicago Tribune

Years ago, it seemed standards were pretty clear for most journalists: Keep your opinions to yourself.

This is still the ethos many of us try to live by as an understanding that our professional life and our personal lives overlap as journalists. We aren’t really ever off the clock or not representing the media outlet for which we work.

But that’s getting trickier with social media and news outlets like ESPN encouraging less reporting and more debate, commentary and opinion. It’s also always been a difficult tightrope act for many reporters who are women, people of color or part of any other marginalized group often expected to ignore their identity as a means of maintaining this abstract idea of objectivity.

When ESPN singled out Jemele Hill with a public reprimand for her tweet calling President Trump a “white supremacist” it struck me and others as unnecessary and hypocritical.


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