The 2016 Sports Awards: What won the ‘Eveland Only in Cl’ Moment of the Year? –

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The temptation is to write the entire introduction with the sentences rearranged in confusing ways, but we figured you get that enough whenever you read Bud Shaw’s stories.

This is our “Only in Cleveland” Sports Moment of the Year, a category that may have been filled to the rafters with nominees in the past, but for 2016 warranted just four nominees.

On the other hand, the award for the actual best sports moment in Cleveland in 2016 had more than twice as many nominees.

Again, nice year, Cleveland sports.

All week we’re rolling out the 2016 Sports Award winners that you, our faithful readers, voted on. Most of them celebrate the best of a year fans will never forget.

This particular awards deals with the other side — the unintentional safeties, drone accidents and giant misspellings for the whole world to see.

Who were the nominees for Only in Cleveland Sports Moment?

Keep up all week with the awards.

Here’s what has been revealed so far in the 2016 Sports Awards:

Welcome to the red carpet for the 2016 Sports Awards

Villain of the Year

Impact Decision of the Year

Best Moment of the Year

Now, onto the winner of the “Only in Cleveland” Moment of the Year. Watch the video above for the presentation.


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