Watch the new This Girl Can advert released by Sport England –

“She is 67 and she started boot camp when she was 60,” Sport England chief executive Jennie Price told Telegraph Sport.

“She was walking her dog in the park and decided she would like to try it. And, seven years later, there she still is.

“That’s a great message, too, because we don’t see many positive, everyday, role models for women as they get particularly into their 60s.”

New mother Stephanie is also on a poster showing her at an exercise class with her baby, who is described as ‘Cuter than a dumbbell but just as heavy’.

“There’s a really strong feature this time around about pregnancy, birth, how women feel working out when they have recently given birth and when they have got really young children,” Price added.

“I know it’s talked about a lot in the context of motherhood, how you lose your sense of self, but very rarely in the context of something like exercise, which lots of people regard as a bit selfish and a bit on the edge and not really as relevant but is incredibly important to lots of people.”


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