What is ‘Salt Bae’ and why are sports stars doing it when they celebrate? – Telegraph.co.uk

It’s happened – the ‘salt bae’ phenomenon has breached the shell of the sporting world, and now it’s everywhere.

But what started all this and what are sports stars doing, exactly?

The ‘salt bae’ made its first high-profile appearance in football when Danny Welbeck celebrated his return to the Arsenal starting XI after a year out injured with a goal – and some serious ‘salt bae’ action.

The sensation had already spread through European football, as demonstrated by the celebration of Brazilian player Doria after he scored an extra-time winner for Marseille against Lyon in the Coupe de France.

The NFL Pro Bowl was not immune – as Travis Kelce sprinkled a little magic in the endzone with a ‘salt bae’ of his own.


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