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That’s what some takeologists and head coaches would have you believe is occurring in the NCAA’s main revenue sports, football and men’s basketball. It’s drastic, it’s never been worse, and somebody’s gotta do something.

In basketball, coaches complain about power-conference schools raiding lower-level schools, even though successful lower-level coaches bolt for power-conference jobs all the time without penalty or scorn.

New Cal OC Beau Baldwin complained a few years ago, when he was Eastern Washington’s head coach, about EWU QB Vernon Adams being able to use the NCAA’s grad-transfer rule to play at Oregon. Baldwin and company made it sound like college-student Adams should’ve been locked to EWU forever.

And on and on. There’s an annual mini-controversy; Bill Snyder did this year’s. To hear invested parties and certain commentators tell it, roster fluidity has reached an all-time high, due to the millennials.

But according to the NCAA’s Division I numbers on the percentage of athletes in each sport who transfer, FBS football is below the overall student-athlete average of 6.5 percent, and adding in the slightly above-average FCS numbers wouldn’t nudge DI football above the average. And men’s basketball isn’t the most transfer-friendly college sport.


Those who stay up late at night, gnawing their fingernails about basketball and football transfers, are going to need a moment to come to terms with the TRANSFER EPIDEMIC taking place in men’s soccer. I await the takes about how, back in my day, beach volleyball players stuck it out on the bench instead of seeking opportunity elsewhere.

The NCAA also finds that transfers in the four most visible sports have dipped over the last few years, with women’s basketball the only bigger sport to see a significant recent rise.


If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to express some outrage about the transfer epidemics in tennis and skiing now.


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