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Who is the most annoying Boston sports opponent of all time?

Believe or not, Celtics fans with fresh memories, it is not DeMarre Carroll, DeMar DeRozan or any other aggravating Toronto Raptor of the last 48 hours.

I’m asking you (yes, this is my question – sometimes I’ll mix in my own Q if there’s something I want to discuss) to go deeper into the archives and tell me which opponent has most annoyed you during your time as a Boston sports fan.

It could be an iconic player who tormented your team (Magic Johnson, Guy Lafleur), a shooting star (Andrew Toney), a Manning brother (no explanation necessary), or even a scrub who had frustrating success (Enrique Wilson, David Tyree). It could be anyone. You don’t have to be rational.

For me, it is Derek Jeter, always and forever. I was reminded of this when I read the quote from Yankees pitcher Justus Sheffield, talking about a recent dinner  with Jeter for Yankees prospects who were – I don’t know, deemed worthy of such an audience or something like that.

“I asked (Jeter) who did he like if he was watching right now and he said he just likes guys that play the game hard,” Sheffield said. “He mentioned watching Mookie Betts. He loves watching Mookie Betts play. Then he said, ‘Anyone who goes and plays the game hard.’ “

For someone who views Jeter reasonably, this would be taken as a nice compliment for Betts, a player worthy of nothing but nice compliments. I do not view Jeter reasonably, and thus this annoys me twofold. 1) The bland part of the answer – anyone who plays the game hard – is such a Jeterian say-nothing copout. 2) I want him keeping Betts’s name out of his mouth. None of these Yankee-Red Sox niceties. And don’t mention Xander Bogaerts reminds you of you, either, in case you were thinking of doing so. We’ve never seen him smirk once, for one thing.

Yeah, I know: Irrational. Jeter was a great player blah blah blah. Don’t care. He’s No. 2 in the all-time Yankees program and No. 1 on the sports enemies list, at least at this address. So who is it for you? Which opposing athlete drove you nuts?


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