Awesome Square Premium Luxury Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask ★ Incredibly Soft ★ Comfy Fit ★ Hypoallergenic ★ Durable ★ Ideal Choice For Home, Travel, Yoga, Meditation ★ Helpful For Insomniacs, Dry/Puffy Eyes

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  • HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM MULBERRY SILK: Our eye mask is made with finest quality premium mulberry silk
  • CHOOSE FROM ONE OF THE 2 OPTIONS: 1. ADJUSTABLE HEAD BAND STRAP 2. SILK COVERED HEAD BAND STRAP: Designed to suit preferences of various users
  • GENTLE ON YOUR HAIR: No knots or tangles in your hair, like others. Hair glides over the silk mask.
  • NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC - SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Odor free, best for people with allergies
  • BUY RISK FREE - 100% SATISFACTION GURANTEED - Best Value For Your Money

Product Description

Discover The Secret to Falling Asleep Quickly and Naturally!

Awesome Square Premium Luxury 100% Mulberry Silk Eye Mask!

Key Product Features And Benefits:

★ MADE WITH PURE MULBERRY SILK, NOT A CHEAP SILK IMITATION: Our eye mask is made with 100% pure mulberry silk and a perfect choice for those looking for a pacifying, relaxing power nap or for a good night sleep.

★ DURABLE AND INCREDIBLY SOFT TO TOUCH: Our silk mask is incredibly soft, light weight and gently drapes on your eyes. Mulberry silk thread is very durable as it is rounder, smoother, lighter and soft to touch. Silk is the strongest natural fiber in the world making it very durable for everyday use.

★ PROVIDES SUFFICIENT DARKNESS: Our eye mask comes equipped with a nose flap to help block away light through nose bridge, aiding your eyes to a perfect good night sleep.

★ BOOSTS BODY'S NATURAL POWERS OF REJUVENATION : Delivers natural benefits of silk. Silk eye mask softly caresses and embraces your delicate skin with essential amino acids, boosting and enriching your body's natural powers of rejuvenation.

★ SILK REGULATES YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE: Silk adapts to your body temperature, in winters it provides luxurious warmth, while in summers it provides cool, breathable environment for a cozy, comfortable appeasing sleep.

★ MULTIPLE HEADBAND DESIGNS AVAILABLE: Durable headband options provide perfect fit and stay engaged throughout night

★ NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC: Good Choice For People With Allergies

★ Dye Color Doesn't Bleed Onto Pillows/Bed Sheets

★ No Odor

★ FREE: 2 Pairs of Soft Foam Ear Plugs


BUY RISK FREE: 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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