Plyobox 18″ Plyometric Jump Box Training Workout Platform Plyo Box for Box Jumps


    • Beefy 3/4 in rubber top to cushion landing and outlast all other thin-top boxes on the market
    • Fully welded frames
    • Heavy duty steel construction
    • Built to withstand 500 lbs force
    • Great for plyometric depth jumps

    Product Description

    If you're serious about plyometrics, you need to get some Plyometric Jump Boxes. By jumping onto and off of the boxes you are using gravity to build muscle. 12" box is great for step ups, the 18" is great for all exercises, and the giant 24" or larger boxes are great for doing depth and altitude jumps. Rock solid welded steel construction. Built to withstand the extreme stress of plyometrics.

    Product Detail

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