Veluxio Premium Knee Support Sleeve

  • List Price: $29.99


  • Veluxio Sports protects yourselves from injury, increases blood flow and reduces pain and swelling both during and after exercise.
  • Gives You CONFIDENCE For All Your Activities: Weightlifting, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Badminton, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Basketball and MORE
  • FIRM TIGHTNESS holds your joints in place encourages blood flow, helps avoid joint problems and miniscus tears. Order now to relieve joint pain from running or hiking.
  • Great for professional sports or everyday exercise. Adds warmth and limits patella movement for arthritis or over weight sufferers, men or women.
  • Special breathable, soft and cozy elastic fabric made to Veluxio specifications offers extra firm assistance while still allowing natural joint movement and flexibility.

Product Description

Exercise is obviously beneficial but can be hard on your joints. Protect your joints so you can exercise without worry. Great for all kinds of sports and exercise including Basketball, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting Hiking, Running, Soccer, Football, Badminton, Crossfit Training, Functional Fitness or Golf. Professional athletes enjoy new confidence with firm joint assistance and tightness. Wear around the house to protect yourself during everyday activities. Increase warmth and blood flow, stabilizing the joints while still flexible and allowing natural movement.

Product Detail

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